Often when discussing the representation of the female body in popular media including, fashion advertisement. The male gaze is mentioned and the impact it can have on representing women and the female consumer. 


What of the female gaze? How do women represent women and why? 


The Look Book project is a photo book detailing accounts of women in different positions of image-making, exploring representation and ownership. The book focuses on the journey of female fashion influencers.

How they represent themselves and the content they create for their platforms. 


The book also highlights the stories of ordinary women, models and female practitioners. 


Sparked by debates among women around the music video ‘WAP’,

I want to explore female empowerment from different cultural lenses. 


To join in on the conversation, please fill in the submission form. We can save a date and start chatting about your practice!! 


Conversations will be ongoing till April 2021. 


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